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the LuLu project

client: LuLu

product: Interior Design Fashion Designer Production Studio

We have taken risks right from the briefing. Just being brave old souls and winging it. I have pushed her out of her comfort zone, which designer to designer is necessary, otherwise how will she explain why she hired me?

We were at TACC today, our run-off-the-mill first choice wallpaper became inexplicably out of stock. Which meant we had to re-choose a paper that had a wow effect next to the Palacina Ngong Hills Crown wall colour. Available was a dark hue with an embossed suede motif or so we thought, the result of a computer result showed it was not in the system. We settled for a classic motif, fearfully knowing tthat it was the same hue as the Ngong Hills.

The effect in LuLu's studio is meant to be a dark lush think room for a creative. There is enough light coming from one end of the room from the bay windows - puh-lenty of bright- white-Nairobi light. We could afford to go muddy on the wall colour, deep dark on the drapes and then all accessories would be like shiny jewels in a moss covered rock surface. Twinkly and teasing-like. There is a mirror on the opposite end reflecting it back.

Light is not an issue happily. Let me add too, that the wall paper sits happily next to the painted wall. Fortune favours the brave neh!?

Week 2

We are in the thick of Fundi land. This is not a happy place. Fundi land is where designers dreams come to die. It's fraught with negotiations, unpleasant surprises, dismay, shock and general awe. It is a week post ordering the furnishing, wait...I am NOT whining about this.

Friday we find a treasure of an antique store at Adams. And there is our chandelier winking at us. Knobs for the workbench some ceramic knubbly yummy things at a sound price. Yes, Adams Arcade, upstairs of Java; the same store has two rooms on either side of the corridor.

We find a disused bench, a fix-me-upper, that tomorrow we will carve out two holes to fit in wicker drawers. The bench should be upholstered in a rich robin egg blue-grey buttoned cover. 

Toi Market offered us this shimmery silky curtain that ... gosh pictures to be posted its a dream.

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Toto's World

client: Pediatrician

product: Stationery Systems, Interior Design Systems

no. 16, The Stables, Karen. Out of my comfort zone, well not really - my hobby becomes a job and a pediatricians office acquires a look and feel designed by yours truly. Now if my weighing scales were working I am positive I have shed some 10kgs this past month! I enjoyed the work thoroughly, interior design has this thing, looming larger than life through the whole process... the question: will the room look like the way I visualized? Looming the projects takes over your days and nights. You obsess, you talk about it all the time. You will loose friends in the process because of your preoccupation. I experienced this on a scale like never before with my other projects. * I apologise my lovelies! Come back!*


the reception chairs by Khalayi

Once partitioned the office would need some comfy seats for patients and at the same time not take up much real estate. These upholstered benches were the beeswax for this and Khalayi ventured from her Kikoi, Khanga land to produce simple, clean, warm, upholstered benches.

the furniture doctors and reception desks, examination table, were bespoke fabricated by Kabz interiors. A big deal, just because it meant the scale was spot on for the space and function specific to the clients needs. Kabz fabricated the acoutistic ceiling, electronics and partition. Antarc supplied the chairs Receptionist, Doctor, Visitors. Roman blinds by the folks at Marvel at Nakumatt. 

I should now make an interiors tab, eh?

 examination table

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