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Posted on April 29, 2013 at 8:55 AM

technology monitoring institute - the best brief ever!!!

We’re, to come right out with it, stalkers of technology. We’re not technologists but we’re technology


And we’re incurably curious. We follow closely on the heel of emerging information technologies—

Where do they go? What do they do there? Who do they meet? Who lets them in? Who shuts them

out? Why? Whose lives do they change? For better? For worse?

We investigate. We dig up all the information we can. But, it’s much more than that—we also develop

insights and understanding, we spot trends, we dive deep and unearth all sorts of interesting and

unexpected things.

Why talk to us?

If you’re curious about the adoption path or impact of information technologies in a specific sphere,

say in agriculture, in education, in society in general, in business or maybe in government, talk to us.

If you want to put on your PI overcoat and follow in the footprints of an emerging technology,

wherever they might lead, talk to us.

If you have deployed a technology and it’s not quite gone the way you had anticipated and you’re

seeking to understand why, talk to us.

If you want to explore the possible path your technology will take when you let it out of the gate and

into the world, talk to us.

Come let us explore together. We love following clues and solving puzzles.

wambura kimunyu

Followed by one meeting and the ideas were brewing.


Such briefing demands an effusive response, no?

I had been doodling alot in my sketchbook lately and one of the concepts presented was a persona. A character, we needed to humanise tmi (s) face; all too often tech comes across not organic, not warm.

I know my client and she is very approachable the face of tmi needed to reflect this, to be a champion for the girls in tech. Enter our persona....

tmi persona

tmi roll up banner

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