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Posted on March 11, 2010 at 4:10 AM

Am chaffed about this. My good friend Esther has just sent me a link to a colour palette generator.

When landing a job, you check out the brief and immediately your creative mind goes into overdrive with ideas and then the implementation needs to happen and suddenly most annoyingly a brainfreeze happens. How to execute the creative thoughts. Colours can be an issue.

Like most designers, I think in terms of pictures, smells or songs to commemorate a time in space or an event, well, a picture describes aptly what a place looks like.

Now you'll understand that a change in zip code as a designer necessitates a change in colour space, Botswana and Kenya are different and a comparison together with Australia will illustrate my point see below.

Upload that picture and watch as you brandish that wand and presto.... the magic is still there.

From a designer viewpoint such an app could springboard the whole exercise whilst generating content massive undertakings like country branding for example. Sigh I heart the palette generator.

Kenya hot spicy brooding palette

Botswana edgy, always blue bright sparkly (is it the diamonds?)

Australias colours for Esther...

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