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Posted on July 20, 2010 at 3:54 AM

Don't tell anyone but I entered a logo competition.

My motive...the prize money.

  • 1st prize 1,838.24 USD
  • 2nd prize 1,225.49 USD
  • 3rd prize 919.118 USD

Not bad for some 10 hours of research, doodling, sketching, comping. I push other paying projects to the side telling myself 'you are a winner", and focus on this quick easy scheme. Somehow it's taking longer than I thought 10 hours becomes 20 hours, I so need to win for all the right reasons, honour of the professional kind I mean and the money.

The general guidelines say that the following conditions apply:

Selected logos become the sole property of ****

***reserves the right to adopt or refrain from adopting any selected logo

The judges decision is final

I can handle that - I think, I never ever have to meet and greet the client or kiss ***. Or have that endless back and forth story going on, chasing after the money fiasco, have you signed? mess. I just need to deliver it to the physical address on soft and hard copy and wait for the mullah to come through.

I just need to win -  gold! thank you very much!

I check out Free pitching aka Crowdsourcing matrix for designers Design Institute of Australia's site and decide am in the clear. This is not your typical Spec issue. Right? Right! Funny. I have to seek out legislation from down under to cover my butt. To look after my interests. Anyway it's all good, my eyes are on the money prize. I dream big about what I'd do with the gold, silver or bronze position...Dream big or die trying!

Spectacular stuff Wait! Is this crowdsourcing?

Why Designers Hate Crowdsourcing - from @AIGA Richard Grefé of AIGA tells Forbes: "Consultation between client & designer is crucial to the design process" #crowdsourcing

Meanwhile back at the ranch, as the asterisked note on the ad says:

'*Watch out for the winning entries in the dailies. Winner will also be contacted in writing'

sigh... absolutely bombastic Stellar Spectacular Stuff

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