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client: technology monitoring institute - tmi

product: Identity, Business Cards, Promotional Material, Website

This here project reminds me why I love what I do and how important briefing is as part of the design process. 

The brief was the firms manifesto and it read powerfully. I simply was itching to start the job once I read it. This project is blog worthy, more about this post will appear in my blog section I will include sketches, concepts etc., The font is Teacher, these business cards were printed by Ramco. My respect for them growing by the job. 300gsm substrate, matt laminate.


Pictures below by yours truly; hot off the press and 2+ hours in Nairobi Saturday traffic could not hold me back, from rushing to photograph the work. 'The job that you liked turned out right!' - the feeling. *happy dance*.




tmi business cards


tmi website placeholder 


client: Ecoplan

product: Business Card